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Looking to store your important
files somewhere safe and secure?

It's as fast and easy as it gets!


Simply drag and drop your files to upload them instantly. You can also upload media files, folder from your desktop.


Share files using email, or use a link. It's easy, fast, and reliable.


The beautiful file viewer ensures that every file can be previewed online, on any device, at any resolution.

Fast And Instant Downloading!

Instantly create shared folders for projects of any size, and control what each person has access to. Manage co-owners, editors and view-only collaborators in a few clicks.

Safe, Secure and easy-to-use file sharing.

  • Easy Uploading

    Upload and download lots of files, media files, archives or backups. drag-and-drop them directly in to your browser.

  • Familiar Organization

    Store and organize your information and recall operations, control exactly what invited users can see.

  • Stay Up to Date

    Every event that happens in your Workspace is tracked to see exactly what is happening with all of your content.

  • Share with Confidence

    Important files can share anytime and from anywhere. Just share and collaborate with confidence.

  • Preview in Your Browser

    You can preview a file with Web contents in a browser without having to download and open another application.

  • Affordable

    Plans start at just $10 per month with a 15-day free trial. No contracts or set up fees.

Start Uploading and Sharing Folders and Files Immediately